How far tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Yahoo would do to draw-in and retain experienced software engineers

Posted: June 14, 2011 in Information Technology, Salaries, Software Engineers

A recent story on CNN demonstrated how far tech companies would go to draw in and retain experienced software engineers, the article indicated that companies can even offer competitive six-figure salaries!

A new tech start-up company called Hipster was trying desperately to recruit software engineers with experience in building Web software and mobile apps . Due to the hard competition with some large companies like Facebook, Google, and Yahoo, they came up with an eccentric  job ad saying that they would reward whomever can fill their vacant developing positions with $10,000 in cash and a year’s worth of free beer. This eccentric approach succeeded. They received around 500 job applications, and some of them were excellent candidates with great experience.

The article also mentioned what major tech employers like Facebook, Google, and Yahoo is doing  to maintain their talent pool: offering their employees some incentives, such as free lunches, laundry, massages, oil changes and dentistry. Not to mention high salaries and benefits.

Aside from excellent job prospects, software engineers are having relatively high salaries on average. The Bureau stated that the average annual salary for computer applications software engineers was $85,430 in May 2008, and $92,430 for computer systems software engineers.

With all the above mentioned privileges, it is a good time indeed to be a computer software engineer.

Here is some statistics from PayScale, which is by the way a great site to find out what your worth

  1. Ahmad Rezk says:

    In this technology savvy era, geeks and nerds, will be heavily rewarded.

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