Rumors of Windows 8 Metro UI

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Information Technology, Techie Stuff, Technology, What's New

There are no detailed hardware specs or any further news on the PC’s capable of running Windows 8, yet. The news is half baked as of now and you might as well read it as a rumor.

“That is rather worrying as Microsoft will upset a lot of hardware vendors, many of them its hardware partners. Though, it will be a major player in the hardware industry with a firm grasp over the current software and desktop operating system space. This might be a desperate move to take on iPad but it is indeed a remarkable move.” borrowed from

Here is a video on what Windows 8 would look like called “Windows 8 Demo”:

“Lots More Windows 8 Information: Power Conservation, Evolved Identity Management, Stereo 3D and More” is the title of an informative piece at, here is the link (check it out):

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