Cloud computing is coming whether IT like it or not!

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Information Technology, Technology

Survey statistics confirms that users are adopting the cloud technology even if IT does not.

Microsoft-Accenture consultancy Avanade has recently conducted a survey showing that cloud computing is now a mature technology, yet it causes some heartburn in many enterprises.

According to PC Magazine’s Samara Lynn, “out of the 573 C-level executives, business unit leaders, and IT decision-makers surveyed, three key indicators of the maturing of cloud computing were made apparent: businesses have increased investments in resources to secure, manage, and support cloud computing; there is growing adoption and preference for private clouds; and a healthy interest in cloud computing for revenue-generating services.” This is a 23 percent growth since 2009, according to the survey.

“Many users find that they have to purchase and use cloud computing services without the consent or knowledge of corporate IT. In many instances, corporate IT has been pushing back on cloud computing. The use of cloud resources is really the departments trying to expedite the automation of some business processes without having to wait for IT to respond. And according to the survey, there are no penalties for a cloud without permission. So go for it — you won’t get fired.

Cloud computing is showing similar growth patterns to other technologies, including the fact that there are multiple paths into an enterprise. Moreover, working around IT seems to be a new pastime within larger companies, and IT seems to no longer drive the use of technology in many respects.

IT needs to get ahead of the use of cloud computing in order to begin moving to a larger and more value-oriented strategy, but as I’ve said several times in this blog, IT has often become the Department of No. Clearly, IT needs to take a more innovative approach to using new technology. Otherwise those who need to get business done will find cloud computing a low-friction and cost-efficient path all on their own.” Info World article.

My Opinion:

The scary fact that “IT seems to no longer drive the use of technology in many respects”, and also that IT is recognized as the “Department of No”. This is not right, the IT should drive the technology because of the hidden aspects that the users will always be not aware of (e.g. Security …etc.). and they always say No with a reason.

About cloud computing, When you’re telling someone I wish to replace you with a cloud team taking care of all my IT needs. Should they accept it gladly, or should they consider working at a clouding company. And, are you truly comfortable with the idea of having all your IT infrastructure away from your premises and should have a connection to it at all time? and why are you doing this, to get rid of “Department No”, you are delusional if you think so, simply because the people working at the cloud computing company still IT, and eventually they will say no for things that are not compliant to security policies among other concerns.

In short, I think IT team can never be left out whether they are at your company in a department or at a cloud computing company. So don’t think for a moment that users are driving some technology aspects, they will always need an IT.

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